Friday, December 17, 2010

Building libmembase

I guess I was a bit too excited yesterday when I announced libmembase, because I completely forgot to mention where to get and build it.

You will find the code at:, and building it should be pretty easy once you've installed all of the required dependencies. I've tried to keep the list of dependencies as short as possible (so you might think I'm suffering from the "not invented here syndrome" since I implemented the REST support myself instead of using cURL, but the main reason for that was to keep the list short ;-)):
  • git
  • Auto tools (automake, autoheader, autoconf, libtoolize)
  • A C99 compiler
  • libvbucket
  • libevent
  • SASL library

I have integrated building of libmembase in the build system I'm using to build membase making it easy for you to get the code and run configure with the correct set of options (see this blog entry for a description).

If you want to build it yourself all you need is:

$ git clone git://
$ cd libmembase
$ ./config/
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/membase
$ make all install


  1. Note that libmembase has been renamed, and is now

  2. Hi Trond,
    I am still having trouble to install couchbase.
    When I run ./configure I get this error:

    configure: error: Failed to locate memcached/vbucket.h

    My I have libmemcached, libvbucket and libevent2 all installed. There is a libmemcached/memcached/vbucket.h in the include directory, but I can't have this point to that.

    How can I get around this error? Thanks.