Friday, January 14, 2011

SASL client library...

There is a lot of software out there that allows you to plug in SASL authentication if you got a SASL client library on your system. Some operating systems allows an easy download of a SASL library for their platform, but I have not seen any for Windows yet.

Membase supports SASL authentication, so when I started to implement libmembase I decided that I wanted to treat libsasl as a required dependency. One of my goals with libmembase is that it should be easy to compile as a dll for Windows (I'm not there yet), so I needed a libsasl dll for Windows.

Earlier today I fixed and pushed a (client side) SASL library to If you're running on a Unix-like system you should build the library by using autotools, but I've added a Makefile you may use to build the dll on Windows with the following command:

nmake -f NMakefile

There is no install-target in the Makefile, so you need to copy the header-files from "include", libsasl.dll and libsasl.lib to the desired location on your machine when you're done.


  1. Hi Trond

    Little update:

    1) there is install target already:

    2) the link to repository isn't clickable. href sttribute is broken

    And thanks for the post. I found it from google. And I've just managed to build the libcouchbase on windows xp.

  2. btw, just seeing this entry so my apologizes for the late comment :)

    We maintain it as well with updated makefiles and co here:

    along other libs we use for php, just in case you may need it or maybe we can share some work :)