Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Couchbase, PHP, XAMPP and Windows

A while ago I blogged about Couchbase, PHP and IIS, and earlier today I got a request for more information on how to do the same with XAMPP.

After I downloaded the installer and installed XAMPP in c:\xampp I downloaded one of my development builds of the php extension. Please note that this is a development build I've used for simple testing for myself, and I provide it AS IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES so use it on your own risk (and not in production ;) ).

To "install" the extension, extract the zipfile and execute the following commands from within that directory:

copy php_couchbase.dll c:\xampp\php\ext
copy libcouchbase.dll c:\xampp\php
copy libcouchbase.dll c:\xampp\apache\bin

Use the XAMPP Control panel to edit the php.ini file, and enable the extension by adding:


(You may also change other tunables. See couchbase.ini for a full list).

(Re)start the Apache server from the XAMPP Control panel, and start writing code using the PHP extension. You'll find a description of the API in the file couchbase-api.php

Happy hacking!


  1. The bits about placement of libcouchbase.dll was just what I needed. Placed them into apache2/bin and zend/bin before zendserver admin would recognize and use the extension.

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  3. the ZIP file doesn't exists anymore. can you reupload it again? thanks.

  4. tried this with wamp with no success. any ideas for wamp?

  5. I am also facing problems in wamp. Please Help

  6. Hi,

    I have followed your steps for php sdk setup for xampp but it is not working. Giving this error Class 'CouchbaseCluster' not found. Please help.